Humane Society of Cascade County

Low-cost Spay and Neuter services for pet parents in need

Next Clinic for dogs & cats: AUG 24-25, 2019

Dog & Cat Clinics


Cascade County has a large population of low-income folks who just can’t afford to take their cat or dog to the local veterinarian to be altered. 

TWICE A YEAR, we hold 2-day clinics for cats and dogs at the Great Falls Fairgrounds.

In 2015, when the future of the spay/neuter clinics was in question, the Humane Society of Cascade County stepped up to continue running them, recognizing how vital the twice-yearly clinics are to slowing pet overpopulation. 

More than 10,000 cats and dogs have been altered at the clinics since their inception.

Cat Explosion!


Although the twice-yearly clinics help with cat overpopulation, we still have too many unwanted cats and there are simply not enough homes for them. Cats can multiply at an incredible rate!

You may have seen a skittish cat in your alley, raiding your garbage. Caterwauling tomcats woke you in the wee hours. Local rescues are taking in cold and hungry cats, sometimes missing legs, or blinded by a pellet gun. Abandoned kittens have been found shivering, wet and covered with fleas in a downtown alley. 

Our shelters and rescues are over capacity with no place for these cats and kittens to go. We must get ahead of this crisis … for our community and for the cats.

Cat/Kitten Clinics


To address the cat overpopulation crisis, HSCC began doing one-day spay/neuter clinics for CATS and KITTENS only.

Typically we can fix about 30 felines during these clinics. We've been holding these small clinics since March 2016.

Cat/Kitten Clinics are held about 8 times a year, targeting high-risk situations where the cats or kittens would not get altered otherwise.

Because of the huge number of cats that need to be fixed, HSCC also contracts with local veterinarians throughout the year when a spay/neuter clinic is not an option.